Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cheryl Cole needs some new shoes!

Cheryl Cole has been dumped by the US X-Factor and now the UK don't want her either! What do we think of all this guys?  Did Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell fall out in the US,  has Cheryl Cole been rejecting Simon Cowell's phone calls or is Cheryl Cole depressed?   So many questions and so much suspense for a Tuesday morning!  Only a month ago Simon Cowell told the world Cheryl Cole was ‘special’ and now she is no longer the big-star of two major trans-Atlantic shows.  Within hours, it has been confirmed Tulisa Contostavlos from pop band N-Dubz is joining the UK X-Factor show alongside Louis Walsh, U.S. pop star Kelly Rowland and Take That singer Gary Barlow.  Cheryl Cole is apparently holed up in her flat with her mother Joan Callaghan discussing all the details.  Perhaps Cheryl Cole will head back to her notorious cheat of a husband Ashley Cole?  Cheryl Cole sure had a big meal on her plate this week, we think she needs some new shoes to help her decide her next best step, Aruna Seth think Cheryl Cole needs a pair of sparkly heels to cheer her up!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Catt Sadler in Aruna Seth Shoes on E! News

Did any of you spot Catt Sadler in a pair of Aruna Seth shoes while presenting E! News a few weeks ago? Doesn't she look amazing? She's wearing the Samantha Nude Patent Heel.

Stylist Magazine - Show them our shoes!

We hope you've all been showing Stylist Magazine your Aruna Seth shoes this last week. The magazine are asking you to email in photographs of the shoes that you are wearing to work every day. We've been sending ours in every day.

Today we are wearing:

Nia in Mia Frills Sandal

Laura in Bettina Black Suede Ballerina

Laura (we have two Laura's!) in Cerise Black Suede Wedge

Caty in Aliah Nude Leather Ballerina

Aruna in Farfalla White Snake Skin

If you are wearing you Aruna Seth's into work today make sure to email a photograph of them into Stylist at shoefortnight@stylist.co.uk. You can check out their special page on their website for this here.

Shoe of the Week!

This week the we love the Farfalla Platform Black Snakeskin Shoe. Perfect to take you from day to evening. We'd pair it with a fitted dress for a style that will make everyones heads turn. How about you?

Sara Rue Wears Aruna Seth on her Weding Day!

Sara Rue wore Aruna Seth's Farfalla Platform Tiffany Blue Shoes for her Wedding recently. Doesn't she look stunning? The wedding was themed around butterflies and humingbirds so Aruna Seth fitted in perfectly.

Her Bridesmaids wore Aruna Seth's Farfalla Ivory Satin Shoes with the Butterfly Brooch in their hair. We love how their dresses match Sara's shoes!

If you are interested in wearing Aruna Seth shoes for your wedding day then don't hesitate to get in touch at info@arunaseth.com or call us at 0208 773 7859.

Eight reasons why shoes are better than a boyfriend...

Shoes will always love you and make you feel fabulous…
The dating game can be like a roller coaster, up and down emotions, will the guy call, will he not?  Unlike the dating game, shoes make you feel deliciously fantastic the whole time, who needs the confidence fix from a first date when you can slip on a pair of divine Seth’s to do the same job!

You can own as many shoes as you like…but only one boyfriend!
You can have a ‘open-relationship’ when it comes to shoes, reject monogamy, totally cheat and purchase as many shoes as you like.  You can have one single guy in your life you love but millions of pretty drool-over darling shoes.   Being devoted to a shoe collection rather than one guy gives a shoe loving girl satisfaction, variety and a constant heaven of ‘thrill-seeking’ to find the next perfect pair on the shelf.

Men play games while shoes have fun…
Game playing is a regular feature on the dating scene, ever met the totally affectionate perfect guy to be thrust into despair of waiting for him to call.  Shoes just don’t bow down to such games, if a guy is acting badly, trot out in your high-heels ladies and find a new one.

Shoes love you to play…
Shoes love you to take them out to play, cocktails in the Langham hotel, Pret-a-Porter tea at the Berkeley Hotel and shopping for new shoes in the Selfridges shoe hall.  Men have poker, drinking and golf and we have shoes ladies and exciting places to show them off!

A stunning collection of shoes looks beautiful
Shoes can’t help look gorgeous all of the time whilst let’s face it ladies, men can be a little messy at times.  A gorgeous row of Swarovski Aruna Seth shoes in the wardrobe decorates and charms a room.  The men in your life can cause ‘cleaning-clashes’ or ‘hoover-headaches.’  You need to slap your pretty stiletto’s down ladies and make sure your man helps with the cleaning!

Shoes don’t like ‘shoe-time’ like men like ‘man-time’
Unlike shoes, your man will crave man-time, seeing how much testosterone can fit into one place, strictly ‘only-male’ events, usually involving a tipple and gambling.  However mis-behaving your boyfriend is, our pretty shoe collection is constantly by our sides through the up and down niggles of a man’s night out.

Shoes don’t worry about comparisons to the last pair of shoes
Shoes are self-assured little creatures, bless them, you won’t find your Aruna Seth Farfalla shoes making unfavourable comparisons to your Swarovski crystal wedges.  It’s sweet your lover may feel a twinge of jealously when it comes to ex-boyfriends but he’ll need to accept your a beautiful shoe-loving person who’s nice enough to respect your old boyfriends much like your old shoes…

We’re attracted to the good shoe not the bad ones…
When it comes to shoes, ladies will only ever be attracted to the ‘good’ shoe and not the ‘bad’ shoe; unfortunately with guys we can be the total sucker for the bad guy who just knows how to give you that run-around.  Break your bad-boy addiction by focusing on your shoe collection, shoe shopping and chatting about shoes over coffee with your friends.