Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We shoot a new bridal look-book...

We're in the midst of creating a new bridal look-book, I wish I could keep it all secret until it's finished but I just get so excited about our new brochures...
The look-book is all set to look super beautiful and we're marvellously proud.  Maria our wonderful photographer and graphics designer is busy putting in all the finishing touches.  There's a special recipe to creating a look-book and it goes something like this;-


1x photo studio
1x dedicated and patient photographer and graphic designer Maria
3x helpful ladies to help carry shoe boxes and put them away
1x shoe stylist

(Time taken; 3x day timescale)

·         Decide the fabulous Aruna Seth designs that fit into the realm of a ‘bridal look-book’
·         Spend a few evenings dreaming and visioning, scribing ideas down on pieces of paper for Maria our photographer and graphic designer to decipher
·         All hands of deck with a few of the girls helping to get the chosen shoes (over fifty pairs) out of our stock room
·         Grouping the shoes together to put into each page of the look-book
·         Styling the shoes in our studio, monitoring the lighting and shooting a few hundred images
·         A fussy approach to decide which photos look the best
·         Excitedly collecting the pictures up in a look-book to create a book.  Coming back to the first draft look-book to realise some of the images could look better
·         Re-shooting about five pages
·         Scanning over it with a fine tooth comb to get it looking perfect
·         Re-shoot another couple of pages, twist things round and get it looking faultless...
And voila you have a tasty, delicious bridal look-book you’re super excited and eagerly waiting to be completed!  Watch-out for the finished version coming out soon, we’ll publish it on Facebook and online...and take a sneak-peak at some of the behind the scenes pictures below...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Snake-skin shoes have been SO much fun...

Hey ladies a few weeks ago I told you all about my latest Aruna Seth fixation, the snake-skin peep-toe platform shoes, I loved them because they're luxurious, have durability and they are neutral so easy to wear and match-up with anything... www.arunaseth.com/products-page/new-styles-just-in/samantha-natural-snake-heel-120mm/

Well I have to say, the snake-skin peeptoe shoes have been so much fun to wear.  I have built a whole summer wardrobe around these divine shoes.  I bought a lovely white broderie anglaise dress from French Connection, a beautiful nude waterfall jacket from French Connection, a silk-white V-neck blouse from Zara and a lovely nude silk shirt from Reiss ALL TO MATCH THE snake-skin peep-toes...Top stylists say build the perfect wardrobe around your shoes and I’m starting to believe in this prophecy.  Aruna's Seth's gorgeous peep-toe snakeskin shoes have been amazing to help me build a divine summer wardrobe this year.  I normally open my four cupboard wardrobe and complain about not having enough clothes and need to go shopping again but not this year thanks to my new Seth's...

I even went so far as to match up new jewellery to the shoes, I bought a gorgeous classic Kara Ross snake-skin bangle, gold-plated and a large faceted smokey quartz gold ring.  The jewellery matches beautifully to the shoes and all my new clothes and are certainly investment pieces to match up to any outfit!  You can see more of the Kara Ross range at http://www.kararossny.com/ - I can’t wait to pay the Kara Ross store a visit next-time I’m in New York in October...

You can see some of my lovely purchases below, have a fabulous day...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Myrtle Ivory Bridal Store Event

Hello Shoe Lovers!!

Just an update on our latest shoe adventures! Last week we had a great event up in Dublin at the Myrtle Ivory Bridal Store. The brides looked amazing and the gowns were incredible. Our shoes were modelled with various different dresses and we have to admit, they did look rather fabulous.
Xpose Media did a great interview with Aruna, featuring our shoes that were worn by Pippa Middleton! If you want to have a sneaky peak at the interview, follow the link below:

We had such an amazing time up in Dublin and everyone was absolutely incredible. Any brides to be, we recommend the Myrtle Ivory Bridal Store. Their dresses are exquisite, very ethereal and fairytale like. If you like gold, they have some gorgeous golden beauties! Teamed with our elegant bridal shoes, it was like a dream.

Also, for those brides who want to show off their shoes, Myrtle Ivory has many shorter dresses that are perfect for drawing the eye down to the shoes. We're thinking our Swarovski embellished collection are ideal for this!

Let us know what you think of the event over in Ireland. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Much love from the Aruna Seth Team. xxx