Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kate Middleton's sparkly feet...

Kate Middleton took a fashion risk with her feet last night, wearing sparkle on her feet instead of her usual plain trademark shoes.  The Royal couple joined the ‘Thirty Club’ at Claridges for a dinner, whose members are some of the most powerful men and women in advertising and the media.  Kate Middleton’s dress designed by Roland Mouret, had a demure high neckline and was teamed with crystal-studded Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals that revealed crimson-painted toenails.  Kate’s uncharacteristic choice of heels even meant she had to forgo her signature shiny nude tights.
Did Kate Middleton take Nicholas Kirkwood’s recent criticisms about her footwear to heart?  In the Daily Mail, Kirkwood accused Kate of playing it too safe when it comes to footwear and she should wear more designer labels because “she’s meant to be a princess-y type of person, so act like one."  I asked Aruna for a counter-quote to Nicholos Kirkwood's comments and she said, “Aruna Seth shoes trademark statement is that we make shoes ‘fit for a Princess.’ We were unbelievably excited to see Kate in these sparkly shoes and take more of a risk with her foot-wear.  We hope she realises the sensation a bit of sparkle can cause and starts wearing more crystals.  Shiny, sparkly shoes will be a big hit this next season and Kate is at the fore-front of this twinkling trend.”

We are very much hoping Kate Middleton chooses to wear some Aruna Seth sparkles on her feet the next-time...

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