Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter White Chocolate Aruna Seth shoe!!!!

Saffire's chocolatiers have hand-carved an Aruna Seth white chocolate shoe ready for Easter.  

The head chocolate artisan Gary spent a week hand-carving an Aruna Seth shoe from a chocolate block.  Handcrafted with Belgian chocolate, the shoes are completely edible and modelled on the Aruna Seth Candy Coloured shoes.  

The shoes are made at the family-run SaffireHandmade Chocolates workshop in Taverham, Norfolk.  A form of edible enamel gives them a long-lasting protective sheen which means they can be put on show under a protective perspex cover for 10 years - should you be able to resist eating it for that long.  

The shoes are so precious they are hand-delivered to customers from the village workshop.  The shoe can be eaten but collectors can choose to display it permanently if they wish. As long as the shoe is kept away from sunlight and direct heat it can be kept on display for years without fear of melting.

The shoes are the perfect cake topper for Birthday's and Weddings!  We'd love to eat it but it just looks too pretty to eat!



I went to SUSHISAMBA last night which is based in the Heron Tower in the City.  It is on the 38th Floor and it takes 24 seconds for the all glass elevator to reach the restaurant.  Remember I suffer from Vertigo so I held onto the person in the lift next to me!  The views of London are incredible, we had the best table in the house, sat on a table with the full view of London while we ate our meal.

SUSHISAMBA is a restaurant of mixed food, Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine.  It was a great place to eat the food was delicious, we tried amazing black cod, rock shrimp tempura and a samba London roll.  The music was loud and lively.  We enjoyed a couple of bottles of Champagne along with the meal... 

I always like to get in the mood for the places I visit, I thought a pair of red satin Farfalla butterfly shoes were the perfect pair of shoes to wear for a little bit of Samba!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Keeping your legs in order!

Working in shoes means you need to keep your legs lean and mean for those heels!

I've discovered the best exercise ever - HEART-CORE Pilates in Hampstead...

You do an hours intense training on beds called reformers and sometimes you don't even sweat!

Doing this two-three times a week has literally transformed my body...

Friday, 22 March 2013


Me and Sophie went toVeronica Moncho Lobo for an event last night.  After we'd visited her delightful store on Elizabeth Street we found a hidden treasure!

William Curley chocolatiers - 
I've never seen such an amazing place full of chocolate, macaroons and ice-cream!  I bought a lovely chocolate box to say thank-you to someone and I'll be visiting again before Easter to buy a present for my mum.  We tasted divine award winning pieces of chocolates like Apricot & Wasabi and Sea Salted Caramel!  You can even take truffle making lessons at the store...

Willy Wonka eat your heart out, it was a chocolate cafe heaven for posh people! 
Even looking at the pictures makes me want to head back there tonight!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gossip Girl!

I am about five years behind with my latest obsession but I can explain why!  The reason I held off watching Gossip Girl for so long is because I knew it would take over my life!  I was right, I'm obsessed!  I started watching Gossip Girl a few weeks ago and I can't stop!  I started from the beginning of the 117 episodes and I'm already onto Season 4.  I allow myself to watch one a night but once I start I'm up past midnight watching one more! You never know what's going to happen next and I recently fell for a 'Chuck Bass' so his character intrigues me!

My favorite character is Blair because she reminds me a little bit of me with her 'plans' and conscientiousness.  It is rubbing off on me a little too much though, I'm on the look-out for minions like 'Queen-bee' Blair...

I've known about Gossip Girl for a long-time and finally succumbed to watching it!  Fellow friends who are fans have empathised with me about my addiction.  In my first few weeks at Aruna Seth shoes, the shows stylist Eric Daman requested thirty pairs of shoes from us for wardrobe!  One of Blair's minions who is called Nelly Yuki wore a pair of our ballerina's on the show, I spotted them on the TV screen during season two and screamed with delight!


Monday, 18 March 2013


Make sure you buy this week's HELLO! Magazine, Aruna Seth is interviewed on page 94!

The article chats about Aruna's new home in Chelsea, her love of shoes, celebrity clients and dishes a tiny bit of dirt on her 'sole mate!'

We were all over the moon about the feature in the office, we have already stocked up on ten copies from the local newspaper shop to show to friends...

Aruna Seth is a great read, as well as the feature on Kate Middleton's Uncle Gary!
 I'd suggest running out to get your own copy.


My lovely brother bought me tickets to go and see Ne-Yo play live in the O2 Arena for my birthday!
He was very sweet, the tickets came with a letter and he even bought a ticket for a friend to come along...
Unknown to my brother I suffer from vertigo pretty badly and he'd bought me tickets in the highest possible place.  The O2 Centre is high and  you could practically touch the ceiling!  Luckily a security guard spotted my trembling and red face and upgraded us to seats on the lowest level nearest the stage!

I wore a pair of Aruna Seth butterfly purple ballerina's for the gig!  I was pleased to have chosen flats rather than heels to help with my fear of heights!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thank-you to Cosmopolitan India!

I always try and send a thank-you card to journalists after they give us coverage!

Meher Bajwa from Cosmopolitan India recently did a very 'novel' Twitter interview with Aruna.  Firstly we did the interview in Real-time on Twitter and then it appeared in the magazine with Aruna's picture.  Cosmopolitan India also put in a picture of our new snakeskin LYNX sandals which are a hot-pick for summer...
As I'm a little bit obsessed with the new Dexter Doodle website, all the journalists who give us coverage will be receiving a lovely thank-you card with a doggie on...


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bag love!

What is the next best thing to like after shoes?  Handbags!  

Aruna is bringing out a larger range of divine handbags in gorgeous fabrics and colours.  We decided to widen our handbag selection as Pippa Middleton wore our suede black handbag and demand for our handbags grew.

The Romina day bag is super handy because it's so big and if your like me and carry your life around in your handbag then it's a great accessory to own.  It has a phone pouch though which is great as being in PR I am constantly on my black-berry!

The leathers are amazing quality and I love the grey and pink versions in particular.  The bag is finished off with a lovely gold Aruna Seth detailed plaque.  I've already stocked up as usual, if I like everything I'll buy it in different colours.  So far I own the bag suede and grey handbag!  When the sun starts shining more the light pink one will be next...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Burger & Lobster...

I took myself and my size four Aruna Seth ballerina's off to Burger & Lobster yesterday!

Everyone has been raving about the food, you can either order a Burger or a Lobster for £20!  There are a few of the Burger & Lobster restaurants located across London.  Loads of hype surrounds going to the restaurants and I got warned about the ques to get in... 

My friends weren't fibbing about the waiting time to get a table, I had to wait an hour and was pleased I'd bought a Daily Mail to read.  But the wait was SO worth it, the burger was delicious!!!  

I will certainly be taking my Seth's back there soon.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Easter Egg shoes!

 Have you seen our new Rose Candy Coloured shoes?  

We love the lush rose leather and the intricately designed heels with pearls and diamante on...
The best thing about this heel is the diamante butterfly delicately placed on the sole of the Aruna Seth shoe.

The butterfly reminds us of the Clarks Magic shoe we used to love when we were little but we've made a grown up version for people who love shoes!

Friday, 8 March 2013

 Looking for your bridal shoes in New York City?

We have a great range of shoes available at Kleinfeld's the best bridal store in the whole of the US...

For more than 60 years, brides have learned that the magic of Kleinfeld lies not just in the most magnificent store; not just in their offering the largest and finest selection of designer wedding gowns in the world; but the magic lies in the hearts of the most professional staff anywhere…staff dedicated to perform your every wish. This is the world of Kleinfeld for generations.

If you look below here are some of the styles you can try on in Kleinfeld.

Happy shopping!

Aruna Seth's little Sophie...

 Sophie is a great asset to the Aruna Seth team...

Drapers magazine interviewed Sophie this week on her role at Aruna Seth.
The role Sophie plays at Aruna Seth is so important as she looks after all the sales, dealing with our lovely client enquiries and oversees all of our social media here...

The article in Drapers give a great overview of how Sophie got to work at Aruna Seth.  Starting out as an intern and through hard-work she was offered a role here...

It's a shame Drapers cut out her feet for the photo but we can let you know Sophie was wearing a pair of our new smoking slippers!

We have to wear flat shoes at Aruna Seth HQ - we're always running up and down to the stock-room to help our clients!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pointy toes...

 Have you noticed the new foot-wear trend among celebrities at the moment!
They all seem to be wearing pointy toed heels.

Nicole Ritchie looks amazing in Paris in a pair of classic black pointy toe shoes and Victoria Beckham jazzed it up the other week in a pair of animal print pointy toe shoes...

Aruna Seth is already on trend and has a pointy toe range of shoes coming out in various colours from black patent, leather, grey and beige!  They're fabulous shoes because they offer a wardrobe staple, classic shoes you can wear with most outfits from dresses to jeans! The heel-height is great because they are a wonderful height - not too high to wear all day...

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Doggie love!

Do you remember the famous cute dog who appeared on our Facebook pages over Christmas?
He is a super cute Dachshund Dog who looked stunning in a pair of Aruna Seth silver farfalla butterfly shoes...

Well his name is Dexter and he's just launched his own website of lovely goodies for Dachshund Dog lovers

Take a look on
In celebration of the launch Dexter is offering 10% off and the code is LAUNCH