Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cheryl Cole needs some new shoes!

Cheryl Cole has been dumped by the US X-Factor and now the UK don't want her either! What do we think of all this guys?  Did Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell fall out in the US,  has Cheryl Cole been rejecting Simon Cowell's phone calls or is Cheryl Cole depressed?   So many questions and so much suspense for a Tuesday morning!  Only a month ago Simon Cowell told the world Cheryl Cole was ‘special’ and now she is no longer the big-star of two major trans-Atlantic shows.  Within hours, it has been confirmed Tulisa Contostavlos from pop band N-Dubz is joining the UK X-Factor show alongside Louis Walsh, U.S. pop star Kelly Rowland and Take That singer Gary Barlow.  Cheryl Cole is apparently holed up in her flat with her mother Joan Callaghan discussing all the details.  Perhaps Cheryl Cole will head back to her notorious cheat of a husband Ashley Cole?  Cheryl Cole sure had a big meal on her plate this week, we think she needs some new shoes to help her decide her next best step, Aruna Seth think Cheryl Cole needs a pair of sparkly heels to cheer her up!

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  1. As it turns out she is launching her own shoe collection in December. Word is that she has been there from the very beginning and had alot of input...I hope they are good. We will all fin dout in December. I can't wait to see the collection!