Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Would you like some wedding coaching for your big day?

Michele Paradise, The Bridal Coach says,

“Being a Bride is like being a supermodel for the day … The big difference is supermodels have guidance and years of experience. Brides don’t – and they only get one shot at it.”

Michele Paradise has come up with a 4-box DVD set to help train young brides-to-be for their big-day.
After spending years being a model Michelle believes brides to be are under even more pressure than young models to look great in their wedding gown, heels, veil, with cameras coming at them from every angle throughout the whole day.  The Bridal Coach DVD takes you through all the things you need to know for your big-day from choosing wedding gowns, Aruna Seth shoes, dealing with nerves and posing for photographs...

A sneaked clip of the Bridal Coach DVD with Michelle can be seen below...

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