Monday, 30 July 2012

A Wedding & Aruna Seth shoes wearer!

A close friend got married on Saturday, Nicky Miles now Nicky Webb was a VERY hyper-active bride who wouldn't stand still for photographs.  Instead Nicky enjoyed singing down the microphone with the band playing and showing off her moves on the dance-floor.  It was impossible to get her to stand-still for a full-length photograph, Nicky wore a gorgeous dress from Stephanie Allin and a pair of our beautiful Aruna Seth Ivory butterfly shoes, she looked beautiful!  It is also worth mentioning Stephanie Allin's new Night and Day collection is absolutely gorgeous for a bride looking for her dress for the big day.  Stephanie recently photographed her new collection in Morroco, the photo's and the dresses are STUNNING.  Aruna particularly liked the photo-graph of the bride with the white horse, you can see a sneak-peek below...

The Wedding

The Aruna Seth shoes Nicky wore...

Stephanie Allin's new Night and Day collection...

Twilight dress from the Night & day Collection

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