Monday, 10 December 2012

Eva Longoria's Noble Gift Gala in London!

We attended Eva Longoria's Noble Gift Gala on Saturday at the new ME Hotel on the Strand.
It was such an exciting event and celebrities like James Caan, Nicky Clarke and Mel B were all in attendance to support the event.  Eva Longoria supports this lovely Gala which helps raise money for various charities like Make-A-Wish, Fight for Life and the Caudwell Children.

We listened to speeches on the foundation made by, Eva Longoria and Mel B and listened to Stooshe sing loud on stage.  A delicious four course meal of soup, tuna, beef-fillet and cheese-cake was served on our table and the wine flowed!  The night was finished off upstairs on the AMAZING roof terrace of the hotel seeing the gorgeous views of London!

Aruna treated herself to a new pair of Seth's and wore a pair of all over crystal Swarovski wedges, the best-sellers in Harrods.  Teamed up with a beautiful Victoria Beckham dress!

 I wore a pair of suede crystal butterfly shoes with a Chloe Black dress...

 On the Red Carpet
 Eva Longoria and Aruna!
 A great chance to dress up
 The ME Hotel Terrace!
Kelly Simpkin, Nicky Clarke & Aruna Seth...

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