Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gossip Girl!

I am about five years behind with my latest obsession but I can explain why!  The reason I held off watching Gossip Girl for so long is because I knew it would take over my life!  I was right, I'm obsessed!  I started watching Gossip Girl a few weeks ago and I can't stop!  I started from the beginning of the 117 episodes and I'm already onto Season 4.  I allow myself to watch one a night but once I start I'm up past midnight watching one more! You never know what's going to happen next and I recently fell for a 'Chuck Bass' so his character intrigues me!

My favorite character is Blair because she reminds me a little bit of me with her 'plans' and conscientiousness.  It is rubbing off on me a little too much though, I'm on the look-out for minions like 'Queen-bee' Blair...

I've known about Gossip Girl for a long-time and finally succumbed to watching it!  Fellow friends who are fans have empathised with me about my addiction.  In my first few weeks at Aruna Seth shoes, the shows stylist Eric Daman requested thirty pairs of shoes from us for wardrobe!  One of Blair's minions who is called Nelly Yuki wore a pair of our ballerina's on the show, I spotted them on the TV screen during season two and screamed with delight!


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