Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Barry's Bootcamp!

All Aruna Seth shoe lovers want to look there best - from their shoes to their toes to their figures!
I've been training in one of the best locations ever - a new boot camp called Barry's Bootcamp.
This fitness craze originated from Los Angeles and is popular in all the major cities from Tribeca NYC to Norway.  Celebrities love the work-out and it apparently burns 1,000 calories per session!
Barry's bootcamp mixes up intensive cardio on the trend-mill moving to floor and weight exercises!  The feisty instructors don't let you stop moving at all within the hour though...
After an intense work-out you can get a yummy protein shake at the Fuel Bar afterwards to help feed those muscles.  Barry's Bootcamp is worth a visit for the very fit and good looking instructors alone!
For all ladies wanting to look top-notch in their heels, Barry's Bootcamp is worth a visit...

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