Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We shoot a new bridal look-book...

We're in the midst of creating a new bridal look-book, I wish I could keep it all secret until it's finished but I just get so excited about our new brochures...
The look-book is all set to look super beautiful and we're marvellously proud.  Maria our wonderful photographer and graphics designer is busy putting in all the finishing touches.  There's a special recipe to creating a look-book and it goes something like this;-


1x photo studio
1x dedicated and patient photographer and graphic designer Maria
3x helpful ladies to help carry shoe boxes and put them away
1x shoe stylist

(Time taken; 3x day timescale)

·         Decide the fabulous Aruna Seth designs that fit into the realm of a ‘bridal look-book’
·         Spend a few evenings dreaming and visioning, scribing ideas down on pieces of paper for Maria our photographer and graphic designer to decipher
·         All hands of deck with a few of the girls helping to get the chosen shoes (over fifty pairs) out of our stock room
·         Grouping the shoes together to put into each page of the look-book
·         Styling the shoes in our studio, monitoring the lighting and shooting a few hundred images
·         A fussy approach to decide which photos look the best
·         Excitedly collecting the pictures up in a look-book to create a book.  Coming back to the first draft look-book to realise some of the images could look better
·         Re-shooting about five pages
·         Scanning over it with a fine tooth comb to get it looking perfect
·         Re-shoot another couple of pages, twist things round and get it looking faultless...
And voila you have a tasty, delicious bridal look-book you’re super excited and eagerly waiting to be completed!  Watch-out for the finished version coming out soon, we’ll publish it on Facebook and online...and take a sneak-peak at some of the behind the scenes pictures below...

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  1. I remember seeing these lovely shoes at The Box Boutique ! ;-)