Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter White Chocolate Aruna Seth shoe!!!!

Saffire's chocolatiers have hand-carved an Aruna Seth white chocolate shoe ready for Easter.  

The head chocolate artisan Gary spent a week hand-carving an Aruna Seth shoe from a chocolate block.  Handcrafted with Belgian chocolate, the shoes are completely edible and modelled on the Aruna Seth Candy Coloured shoes.  

The shoes are made at the family-run SaffireHandmade Chocolates workshop in Taverham, Norfolk.  A form of edible enamel gives them a long-lasting protective sheen which means they can be put on show under a protective perspex cover for 10 years - should you be able to resist eating it for that long.  

The shoes are so precious they are hand-delivered to customers from the village workshop.  The shoe can be eaten but collectors can choose to display it permanently if they wish. As long as the shoe is kept away from sunlight and direct heat it can be kept on display for years without fear of melting.

The shoes are the perfect cake topper for Birthday's and Weddings!  We'd love to eat it but it just looks too pretty to eat!


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