Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Issa & Aruna Seth...

I have two loves in my life and neither of them are male!  
I love Aruna Seth shoes of course and I love Issa dresses...

Kate Middleton has very similar dress sense to me, we both like black suede boots, Issa and REISS.  
I have to give myself credit though for discovering Issa a long-time before Kate Middleton did, about five years ago when they were a tiny brand in Selfridges with only one rail of clothing. 

Issa is a high quality silk brand and I love her designs.  A Brazilian designer, she has a signature jersey-mix wrap dress Kate Middleton famously wore in navy blue for her engagement photo-call.  Another reason to love Issa is her use of unique patterns and heavy silks which curve around to your figure and drop to the floor.

Luckily, I had the perfect pair of Aruna Seth shoes to match the dress for a wedding on Saturday, a pair of her Lynx blue snakeskin sandals with gold lining were a dream come true.  
Aruna Seth's Lynx sandals and an Issa heavy silk blue maxi dress were a match made in heaven...
I'm sure I'll be committing a faux pa with this outfit over the summer months and it'll be seen on more than one occasion!

Check out Issa's design's here - http://www.issalondon.com

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